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Gymnastique Magique

Now in its 6th year at Disneyland® Paris Gymnastique Magique continues to be the premier festival gymnastics competition at Disneyland® Paris.
Gymnastique Magique
‘Fun, inclusive and fair’… Gymnastique Magiques’ competition motto
Our aim is to bring the worlds' of gymnastics together, by providing teams of all ages and disciplines of gymnastics with the unique opportunity to compete against one another in a range of fair, exciting and unique categories and sections. All participants can enter any group, duo and solo routines (according to their age group).

Coaches welcome to compete
Coaches welcome to compete!
Just because your a coach doesn’t mean you can’t join in on the fun of competition! As Gymnastique Magique is an inclusive competition we now welcome coaches to take part and compete in our competitions (subject to age range requirements of the categories).

Unique fair judging criteria
• Primary entries are now judged on a set of criteria emphasising fun factor, enthusiasm, smiles, costume and choreographic variety/suitability rather than technical ability and execution. This takes the pressure off younger, less experienced gymnasts, allowing them to develop and take their first steps into the competition environment in a fun more relaxed environment, rewarding them for having fun and enjoying their performance!
• Junior/Senior entries are judged on a more detailed criteria including technical ability, execution, expression, costume and choreographic variety/suitability.
• Any ‘combination’ entries such as ‘Combined Junior/Senior’ and ‘Whole Club’, judging will take into account all of the above factors and the fact that the groups are of mixed age and ability.

Six Age Groups… including special combined age sections
• Primary is aged 5 to 10 years
• Junior is aged 11 to 14 years
• Senior is aged 15 years and above
• Combined Junior/Senior is aged 11 years and above
• Whole Club aged 5 years to a maximum of 18 years (must include all attending gymnasts)
• Whole Club aged 5 years and above (no maximum age) (must include all attending gymnasts)
Gymnastique Magique
Competition Opportunities for 2020

Gymnastique Magique Magics Competition - A Disney themed gym extravaganza!
• Primary Solo Disney
• Junior Solo Disney
• Senior Solo Disney
• Primary Duo Disney
• Junior Duo Disney
• Senior Duo Disney
• Primary Group Disney
• Junior Group Disney
• Senior Group Disney
• Combined Junior/Senior Group Disney
• Whole Club Group Disney maximum age 18
• Whole Club Group Disney no maximum age limit

Click HERE to download the Gymnastique Magique Magics Competition info sheet and forms

Gymnastique Magique Open Competition
• Junior Solo Open
• Senior Solo Open
• Junior Duo Open
• Senior Duo Open
• Junior Group Open
• Senior Group Open
• Combined Junior/Senior Group Open
• Whole Club Group Open maximum age 18
• Whole Club Group Open no maximum age limit

Click HERE to download the Gymnastique Magique Open Competition info sheet and forms

Gymnastique Magique Group Halloween Spooktacular Competition
• Combined Junior/Senior Group Halloween Spooktacular
• Whole Club Group Halloween Spooktacular aged 5 years and above (no maximum age) (must include all attending gymnasts)

Click HERE to download the Gymnastique Magique Halloween Spooktacular Competition info sheet and forms
Gymnastique Magique The Magics
Catering for all types of competitors
Solos, duos and groups are all catered for within our competitions. Including special sections enabling schools to bring together their dancers in combined entries, helping development of all your gymnasts.

Primary, junior and senior, solo, duo and group categories
Our classic competition categories across three age groups, with sections for both open and Disney themed routines! So you can let your creative juices flow which ever way you wish.

Combined ‘junior/senior’ group categories - helping develop your gymnasts
Combined group entries are designed to reflect that your club may have Junior and Senior aged gymnasts of a similar skill level, this allows the opportunity to compete as part of a group together. For fairness, group split must always be weighted either equally or in the case of odd numbered groups in the favour of junior gymnasts by 1. Please see the rules and guidelines for details.

Exciting ‘combined junior/senior halloween spooktacular’ category - unique to Gymnastique Magique.
Time to get Spooktacular! All entrants will be provided with in advance, a specially created arrangement of Halloween themed music (same for all groups). Entrants will be required to create choreography and costuming, putting their own individual interpretation and creativity into a ghoulish performance.

Whole club group categories - get everyone together and show us what you have got!
This category gives your whole club the chance to compete together! Gymnastique Magique recognises that the age ranges of gymnasts across a whole club can vary from the very young, to experienced adults. The whole club categories’ will be split into two age groups: Whole Club Group - maximum age 18 and Whole Club Group - no maximum age limit in both Open and Disney sections. These unique competitions allow all your gymnasts to express themselves together and show off your club’s unique style. The only requirement is that every competitor that attends Gymnastique Magique from your club takes part!
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